Prof. Dr. Kemal DAYINLARLI was born in Uşak, in 1931. After accomplishing his primary and secondary education in the same city, he was graduated from Bolu Teacher Training College. Subsequent to his military service, he entered in Department of French of Gazi Education Institute and graduated from this institute in 1955 and has been teacher of French. He preferred to work in private sector and carried out the professional activities as manager and general manager as well, at the foreign construction companies in Turkey.

In order to accomplish the law education, he graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Law in 1963. He has been registered at Zonguldak Bar Association in 1965 and started to work as an attorney-at-law. He has then transferred his registration to Ankara Bar Association. He has been the counsel and attorney-at-law of the foreign and domestic construction companies since 1970.

He has translated 74 jurisprudence of Federal Court of Switzerland from the French original texts into Turkish and they have been published in numerous professional periodicals such as Journal of the Court of Cassation.

He is the author of several articles published in the field of Civil Law and Commercial law. Moreover, he is also the author of 45 books published in the field of law.

Prof. Dr. Kemal DAYINLARLI received the honour of L.L.M. After the approval of his thesis namely “Default of Principal and Constructor in the Work Contract” by the jury with unanimously, he has gained the title of P.h.D with the “Joint-Venture Contracts” in 28.06.1989 with a perfect degree, he has been the associate professor in 15.10.1993 upon the approval of his thesis namely “Assignment of Credits according to the Code of Obligations” with the unanimous decision of the jury composed of 5 professors. He became professor on 2000 in the field of civil law upon the acceptance of his thesis namely “Engineering Consultancy Contract in the Construction Sector”.

He continues his professional activities as counsel or arbitrator in the field of domestic and international arbitrations.

Prof. Dr. Kemal DAYINLARLI currently lectures in Atılım University to both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, as well as at the Research Institute of Banking and Commercial Law. Additionally, he is registered at the Arbitrators’ List of Turkey National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and Arbitrators’ list of the Union of Chambers of Commerce.

For his contributions and services in the field of law between Turkey and France, he was rewarded with “Chevalier on the degree of Légion d’Honneur” by the President of France, François MITTERRAND on 15 September 1987.

He is married and has a son.